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A healthy & unique way to raise money for your school, team or group.


Because honestly...aren't you tired of all the unhealthy product options out there?!


My program is online, hassle-free and profitable.

And these days everyone wants to shop and support LOCAL!


**The fundraiser includes all standard size pouches of tea (20 sachets/pouch)**


Each pouch sells for $15.00 (no tax on tea) and your group earns 40% profit ($6.00) for every one sold.


It requires absolutely no work for the organizers, except promoting it.


Overview of Program - It's easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Everyone orders directly on my website using a unique code for your group

2. We fulfill the orders and provide free local delivery to each individual

3. You receive a cheque or etransfer once the 2-3 week campaign is over


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner



Groups include: Burlington Teen Tour Band (Burlington),

CIBC Run for the Cure (Hamilton, Niagara, Burlington, Oakville),

Leander Boat Club (Hamilton), Wildwood Academy (Oakville),

Linbrook School (Oakville), Etobicoke Centennial Choir (Etobicoke),

Abbey Park High School (Oakville), St. John's United Church (Oakville),

Gladys Speers School (Oakville), Abbey Lane School (Oakville),

Brookdale School (Oakville), Alton Village School (Burlington)



healthy products you can feel proud selling to family & friends!



benefits to your group



Hassle Free - all you need to do is spread the word


Profitable - earn 40% ($6.00) for every $15 pouch sold


Online Ordering - no order forms or manual spreadsheets


Customer Delivery - no sorting, packing or pick-ups


Zero Risk - no minimums...because exceptional tea sells itself!



Easy peasy lemon squeezy!




Next to water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the entire world.



Top 10 Reasons to choose tea


Healthy. Delicious. Popular...shall I go on?



Healthy - incredibly good for the mind, body and spirit


Delicious - can be enjoyed hot or iced, 365 days a year


Popular - virtually every home, office & business buys tea


Quality - the natural ingredients speak for themselves


Timely - sells equally well throughout the year


Non-Perishable - won't melt or spoil!


Consumable - ideal for annual campaigns (re-orders)


Gift Giving - beautifully packaged for gifting


Convenient - 100% plant based pyramid sachets


Well Being - tea always makes you feel good




You can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea…

& that’s kind of the same thing!





It's healthy, delicious, enjoyed hot or iced, makes you

feel better any time of the day, every day of the year.


Looking for natural & delicious tea blends to

soothe your soul and bring you joy? I've got you covered.


I personally choose exceptional quality tea which is ethically produced,

100% natural and sourced from top tea gardens around the world.


Each pouch contains 20 pyramid sachets (super convenient!)

filled with luxury whole leaf tea.


Plant based sachets - 100% Biodegradable & Compostable.


Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Nut Free. Sugar Free.

No Artificial Flavours or Colours


show me the money!!


How it Works


Contact Tracie at 416.986.7076 or


Pick a date to start your Fundraising Campaign


A unique tracking code is created for your group


Share group code with everyone you know (via email & social media!) during 2-3 week ordering window


Friends & Family order online and enter group code at check out


Tea is delivered right to their local delivery!

(custom delivery plan for orders outside of local delivery area)


Your supporters enjoy delicious tea while your group says hello to 40% profit!



Scheduling based on approval & availability - first come, first served!


This program is currently exclusive to Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas (approx. 1 hour radius).


tea with tracie


Tea with Tracie is a luxury tea company located in Oakville, Ontario. I am proudly Canadian and care deeply about the people and causes within my local community.




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