Fundraising Opportuni-TEA!

Tea with Tracie offers a unique opportuni-TEA to achieve your fundraising goals! We designed our program to be super easy and profitable…a winning combination. Each item sells for $15.00 (no tax on tea!) and your group earns 40% profit ($6.00) for every one sold!

Our luxury tea products are a healthy and delicious way to support your cause. We provide exceptional quality tea which is ethically produced, 100% natural and sourced from the top tea gardens in the world. This is true luxury tea that you can feel proud selling to family, friends and neighbours!

Each beautifully packaged pouch contains 20 pyramid sachets filled with luxury whole leaf tea. Our sachets are 100% biodegradable, compostable and made from food safe, plant based materials.

*Gluten Free  *Dairy Free  *Nut Free  *No Artificial Colours  *No Artificial Flavours

Who We Are

Tea with Tracie is a luxury tea company located in Oakville, Ontario. We are proudly Canadian and care deeply about the people and causes within our community. The owner, Tracie Michaud, was born and raised in Oakville and created this company to share her passion and lifelong love of tea. A “soon-to-be” certified Tea Sommelier, Tracie has carefully curated her entire collection to bring you the very best in luxury tea products.

Why choose Luxury Tea for your Fundraiser?

Next to water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the entire world.  The. Entire. World. Everyone loves tea…or knows someone who does!

Here’s why our luxury tea is the perfect choice for a successful fundraiser:

  • Healthy – so incredibly good for the mind, body and spirit
  • Delicious – can be enjoyed hot or cold
  • Quality – the luxury ingredients speak for themselves
  • Practical – virtually every home, office & business buys tea
  • Popular – tea sales continue to soar year after year
  • Pricing – consistently priced with all items $15.00
  • Profitable – 40% of all proceeds go toward your cause
  • Consumable – ideal for re-orders during future campaigns
  • Non-Perishable – won’t melt or spoil
  • Availability – sells equally well throughout the year (especially Holidays!)
  • Convenience – whole leaf tea in convenient sachets (100% biodegradable)
  • Gift Giving – beautifully packaged and makes a wonderful gift
  • Guarantee – 100% customer satisfaction…no questions asked


Benefits to your Group

  • Profitable – 40% ($6.00) earned for each item sold!
  • Zero Risk – you only pay for what you order!
  • No Minimums – because this product basically sells itself!
  • Flexible – customers can order online or via order form
  • Quick Turnaround – delivered within 7 days of receiving order
  • Free Delivery – for Oakville & surrounding areas
  • Hassle Free – order is delivered already pre-packed for each seller
  • No Waiting – use your profits immediately!

How it Works

  1. Contact Tracie at 416.986.7076 or to obtain a personalized coupon code for your group.
  2. Set a timeline for your group to complete their fundraising efforts.
  3. Share the website link and coupon code with everyone you know. Use social media to spread the word!
  4. Friends & family place their order online using coupon code and your group says hello to 40% profit!! Easy breezy lemon squeezy!
  5. Tea orders packed and delivered right to their door…free local delivery!

Your supporters enjoy delicious luxury tea and your group enjoys great profits! WIN-WIN!

**This program is currently exclusive to Oakville & surrounding communities and scheduling is based on availability.