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tea with tracie

Luxury Tea Company


Liquid therapy for your mind, body & soul.


At Tea with Tracie, we love spoiling you with

exceptional quality tea, gifts and unique experiences.


Online Tea & Gift Shop | Afternoon Tea To-Go | Tea Workshops


Our entire tea collection is beautifully packaged for gifting

and provided in convenient tea sachets (100% plant-based).


We're a family business in Oakville, and truly

appreciate when you support and shop local.


You deserve a great cup of tea!





what's your personaliTEA?



Tea is liquid therapy


It's healthy, delicious, enjoyed hot or iced, makes you

feel better any time of the day, every day of the year.


Looking for natural & delicious tea blends to

soothe your soul and bring you joy? I've got you covered.


Find your perfect tea for every craving, mood & all the feels!


I personally choose exceptional quality tea which is ethically produced,

100% natural and sourced from top tea gardens around the world.


Each pouch contains 20 pyramid sachets (super convenient!)

filled with luxury whole leaf tea.


Plant Based Pyramid Sachets - 100% Biodegradable & Compostable!


Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Nut Free. Sugar Free.

No Artificial Flavours or Colours




i like my Tea how I like my people...non-toxic!







Hey BeauTEA...I'm Tracie!


Lifelong tea lover, vintage teacup junkie

and Founder & Owner of Tea with Tracie.


As a recovering Type A personality, tea has always been

my liquid therapy and hugely beneficial for my mental health.


I spent almost 30 years in the corporate world before

deciding to start my own tea company.


In 2018, at the young age of 49, I finally did it.


I've always been a crazy tea drinker with a huge collection

of vintage teacups and a love of "all things tea" so I combined

my passion and business background to fuel my dream!


In July 2019, I became a Certified Tea Sommelier

through the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada.


I wanted to become a tea expert so I could help

other busy and stressed out Mamas like me,

find liquid therapy in their teacup.


I now live a calm & joyful tea lifestyle.


How could I not?! I spend my days drinking tea,

talking tea and selling tea...all while being

ridiculously happy and usually over-caffeinated ;-).


Tracie xo




i run on tea, sarcasm & mascara!



tea is a gift


For Someone You Love & Yourself


Consider choosing tea the next time you need a special

gift to celebrate, cheer someone up, or show you care.


There's something here for everyone.


A variety of teas (black, herbal & green),

gift box samplers, eGift Card, novelty socks & more!


For local orders, your tea arrives in a gift bag with gift tag attached.


For shipped orders, your tea is carefully packed in a

secure mailing box to ensure a safe arrival.


If you're having tea delivered to someone, I'm happy

to include your personal message on my lovely note card.


Let me know during checkout!





You can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea…

& that’s kind of the same thing!





Because Who Doesn't Love a Tea Party?


Our Afternoon Tea To-Go box has everything you need to

enjoy a delicious tea luncheon in the comfort of your own home.


Surprise your family, grab the girls, or send to a special friend.


Fascinators & big hats are totally optional…

but so much fun!


See Upcoming Monthly Dates





i like big cups & I cannot lie



TEA fundraising Program


A healthy & unique way to raise money for your school, team or group.


Because honestly...aren't you tired of all the unhealthy options out there?!


My program is online, hassle-free and profitable. A winning combo.


There's no work for the organizers, and people love supporting LOCAL!


Each pouch sells for $15.00 (no tax on tea) and

your group earns 40% profit ($6.00) for every one sold.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy!





maybe she's born with it...maybe it's caffeine!



tea workshops


Sip & Learn: Tea Appreciation 101


Tea is liquid therapy, especially during these crazy times.

In these virtual or in-person workshops, you’ll learn everything you should

know about tea so you can understand, prepare and enjoy the perfect cup!


SPOILER ALERT: Tea doesn’t grow on supermarket shelves!



Ask me about private workshops for corporate events,

non-profit groups, baby/bridal showers & social clubs!




the first rule of tea club is...don't talk about tea club



tea with tracie


Tea with Tracie is a luxury tea company located in Oakville, Ontario. I am proudly Canadian and care deeply about the people and causes within my local community.




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