About Tracie

Welcome to my Tea Party!

I have a confession. I’m totally obsessed with tea, gorgeous vintage teacups and throwing over-the-top tea parties! Some people adore shoes, purses and jewellery. Me? Tea.


Drinking tea makes me happy. I’ve always been a passionate tea drinker and have never even had a cup of coffee. True story. I love tea so much that I’m currently studying to become a certified Tea Sommelier through the Tea Association of Canada!


I’ve also been in love with teacups since I was a little girl. Born and raised in Oakville, I grew up coveting the beautiful collection my Mom received at her bridal shower and then acquired other gems from family and friends. I’ve since added to my inherited pieces by curating a luxurious collection of the highest quality teacups, teapots, silver, crystal and depression glass for stunning looking, colour-coordinated tables!


My entire teacup collection is vintage bone china from England. Only England. Yes, I'm a teacup snob. Admitting it is the first step. In my personal opinion, no other china will do for me and my guests! Seeing a table set in beautiful vintage china reminds me of a time when people moved at a slower pace and shared meaningful conversations over a delicious cup of tea. I think we need more of this in today's busy and stressful world.


This company is my passion project…turning my life-long love of “all things tea” into something I can share with each of you. With every cup of tea, stories are shared, priceless memories are made, and friendships are deepened. It’s my honour and privilege to be part of your luxury tea experience.


Drink up beauTEA! Tracie xo

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