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Doha (Oakville)

Great tea, variety of options. Loved the Vintage Earl Grey, it has a deep flavour and aroma. For someone who appreciates a good cup of tea, Tracie’s is definitely the go to.

Sandra (Hamilton)

Tracie is so helpful and down to earth. She helped me place my first order so patiently! Thank you to Bonnie for my Gift Card. It couldn’t have come at a better time! Can’t wait for my order to arrive!

Lee (Burlington)

Not only is the tea amazing, the packaging is absolutely beautiful. It is my definite go to, not only for myself but also the perfect gift for that person who loves tea just as much as I do.

Kathy J. (Oakville)

Tracie’s tea has so much flavour and is really delicious. The customer service is fantastic. I would strongly recommend!

Susie Stackaruk (Burlington)

Delicious tea with the prettiest packaging that keeps the tea gorgeous and fresh. I’m loving the Savasana in the evening and her version of earl grey with vanilla (Velvet Earl) during the day. Tracie’s tea will make lovely stocking stuffers and gifts for our family this year.

Kathryn (Burlington)

Delicious tea! I’m hooked. I like to support local business…and delivery straight to my door! Thank you Tracie!(and hubby) 🙂 Kathryn

Melinda Love (Oakville)

Tracie’s teas are delicious! They come in a very nice presentation, so they are great for gifts too. It’s easy to order on line and the delivery is free and fast!

Barb Norman (Oakville)

Hello everyone, I just placed my first order of Tea with Tracie and it is delicious! First class cup of tea. Tracie, the owner, is a delightful lady and her service is impeccable. Delivery right to my door!! We have just got to support small businesses and especially local ones – my thinking is to buy Tracie’s teas for gifts in general and definitely for Christmas. Very glad I found you. Barb Norman

Julie K. (Burlington)

Thank you SO much for the extremely quick delivery. I am loving the tea so much. I am definitely a loyal customer now! I get so excited to see the pink bag at the door! 🥰 Thank you again for the great customer service and quality tea! My absolutely favourite way to start and end the day. Morning Hustle is my favourite morning tea and the Inner Glow is my favourite after dinner! ⭐️

Raye Ann (Burlington)

I love the Chakra Gold by Tea with Tracie & I look forward to that little piece of heaven every afternoon. It is my all time favorite tea. It’s easy to order, Tracie is lovely to deal with, & it’s always delivered to my door promptly. I also stock up on bags of tea to give as gifts! So glad I discovered Tea with Tracie at a local meditation class.

Marilyn (Brampton)

Having discovered Tracie with her fabulous tea I must admit, this has taken tea drinking to another level. I have enjoyed several different teas and like every one. Also shared some of Tracie’s teas with others who in turn have enjoyed this wonderful brand. I highly recommend Goddess Chai (my favorite), Morning Hustle and Grateful Dreams. Thank you Tracie for introducing me to these lovely teas, Marilyn.

Michelle (Burlington)

Love the tea! Such a wonderful flavour – I will definitely be buying more! I also love that I’m supporting a local company and that the tea bags are fully biodegradable and natural ingredients, and ethically sourced!

Ruth-Ann (Strathroy)

I recently found out about this website to purchase tea. I really like the freshness of my favourite teas. So far I have had the Goddess Chai and Morning Hustle. I have enjoyed my tea experience so far. I like how the bags are packaged and you can tell when opening the freshness of the product. I like that you can buy gift cards since there are so many people I know who would love to try this tea.

Alma Kirstein (Burlington)

I’m more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker, but Tracie’s Teas are so fresh, flavourful, and beautifully presented that they have slowly turned me into a tea drinker. My favourite flavour is the Chakra Gold! The special blend of turmeric and other herbs and spices boosts the immune system and as a teacher, I always have a stash in my drawer to fend off viruses and germs. I’m planning on working my way through all the different flavours. I have not been disappointed yet!

Sue Cumming (Aurora)

I found Tracie and her teas at a Christmas craft show and have not had a cup of tea from anywhere else since! I cannot keep Beauty & Brains on my shelf long enough and am working my way through all other flavors. This tea is refreshing, flavorful and does not have a chalky or dusty aftertaste. Tracie’s customer service is second to none and orders are received quickly even during COVID. I’m grudgingly sharing my tea despite my inclination to keep this secret gem all to myself. Thank you Tracie for filling a need I didn’t know I had!

Shannon (Milton)

Great service, fast friendly delivery! The tea is fantastic. My husband loves his Goddess Chai! LOL he’s now referred to as the goddess in our home. Thank you Tracie!

Mary Lou Ip (Oakville)

My daughter and I love your Irish Cream tea. Firstly, it arrived within less than 48 hours from placing the order. Secondly, it came beautifully wrapped in a pink bag complete with complimentary teas, as well as, a beautifully packaged tea product. Your customer service is excellent and you care that your clients are satisfied. I will recommend your tea to friends for sure and soon. I can’t wait to add real Irish Cream to the tea as you suggested. Great gift idea too!

Helen Stephenson (Oakville)

Amazing tea, amazing company. I was introduced to Tea with Tracie when a friend gave me TLC Time for Christmas. It was love at first sip. I have a nice little ritual of having a cup in the evening as I settle in with Netflix. I have since ordered from her twice. Tracie responds almost immediately and offers porch drop off within 48 hours. I am now giving her tea as a gift to friends.

Crystal Mayhew – Comfy Janes (Oakville)

My favorite tea “du jour” right now is the Chakra Gold it’s such a delicious and healthy tea! My favorite way to enjoy it is in a see-thru glass mug, as you consume with your eyes first. I like to see the pretty pink and oranges of this brew, and with a teaspoon of honey I am all set for Netflix time. There are little morsels of Turmeric and Ginger that re-hydrate after steeping, and I have to admit to tearing open the bag, on occasion, to nibble on those delicious healthy morsels, hahahahaha, I know it sounds creepella! I have never done this with any other tea, it is seriously that good! They say Turmeric is good for inflammation, helps you be a little less puffy in the morning 🙂 Thank you Tracie for your wonderful teas and your great service 🙂

Helen K. (Etobicoke)

I love Tracie’s teas! Her passion and commitment to provide the best quality luxury tea is unsurpassed. She offers a variety of flavours to choose from and each one has its own delicious and distinct taste. Delivery was prompt (the next day) and she goes above and beyond to make sure her customers are 100% satisfied. The only problem I have, is deciding on which flavour I like the most.

Mike Freudenthaler (Vineland)

Tracie’s teas are outstanding. But that is only the beginning! Her customer service is fantastic, orders are processed and delivered quickly. Tracie always responds promptly to any correspondence and is always trying to ensure a great tea experience.

Talat Makki (Toronto)

I highly recommend buying from Tracie. My recipient just loved her gift and packaging was beautiful. Communication with Tracie was outstanding throughout the whole process. I will be ordering again soon and recommending her business to others.

Theresa G. (Georgetown)

The teas are excellent. Met Tracie at our staff retreat. She together with her husband provided a wonderful tea experience. The delicacies were lovely and the ability to learn about the different teas and to try them all was great. I’ve ordered three times during this Covid situation. The teas are excellent. Love the Velvet Earl. The Morning Hustle is good and I recently sampled Bliss Break and ordered that too. Ordering is easy and delivery is excellent! Ordered yesterday – used my last Velvet Earl today and late this afternoon my order arrived!!! It is seamless and delivery is outstanding. Highly recommend Tea with Tracie.

Christina P. (Oakville)

I was fortunate to be introduced to Tracie’s teas from a friend. I was impressed with the quality, variety and availability of the teas. Tracie’s teas have even turned my husband into a tea drinker!

E-J W. (Oakville)

I just love your tea – I save it as a special treat when I need the ultimate pick me up, and always miss it when I run out! Morning Hustle is my absolute favourite – makes me nostalgic for home in the UK – I think I may have to start buying more and sending to my friends back home soon – they don’t know what they’re missing out on! Thanks Tracie! x

Sharon B. (Burlington)

Tracie was awesome helping me choose some tea for my daughter-in-law who just had a baby. This is the second time I’ve ordered from her and tea was delivered within 2 days…really love supporting her and always so nice in fancy bag 👍👍

Kelly S. (Oakville)

Tea with Tracie is great. After ordering, I got a personal email from Tracie and special doorstep delivery (local) from her husband the very next day. Free sample tea was great and the teas I’ve tried so far have been wonderful. A treat for myself and a beautiful gift for my niece, even delivered in a beautiful bag that I’ll use as the birthday gift bag. The personalized touches, carefully sourced natural ingredients and quality product will certainly make me a repeat customer. I’d highly recommend supporting this quality local online tea shop! 😊

Liz M. (Burlington)

Excellent tea! And incredible service. I would highly recommend you give Tracie’s Tea a try. You will not be disappointed…

Nina Nielsen (Georgetown)

Tracie’s teas are delicious – really the best I’ve had! And, my orders have arrived on my doorstep in an hour – unbelievable!! So nice to have this tea while we all have to stay at home. Thanks Tracie!

TJ Parass (Burlington)

Tea is amazing, nothing like it anywhere else.
Service is awesome, really appreciate the porch drop off delivery.
Great experience!

Melissa L. (Milton)

Beautiful teas that bring my family comfort, during these uncomfortable times. Our family favorite is TLC Time, so yummy. Ordering online is simple and delivery is fast. Thank you Tracie!

Jodi Pereira – Heart House Hospice (Mississauga)

Tracie provided a wonderful tea experience for our staff team at a recent retreat. The tables looked beautiful, the food was delicious and the teas were absolutely incredible. Tracie also provided a talk about tea which was super interesting. Tracie (and her husband) were super easy to work with. We would MOST certainly have them arrange tea for us again!

Crystal Sitzer – Leander Boat Club (Hamilton)

This was by far the easiest fundraiser to run, ever! Tracie was prepared and organized and made the entire process a wonderful experience. She is knowledgeable about her products and organized in running her business. Her ordering process is clear and easy. The entire process, from ordering to delivery was smooth and simple. Tracie is a fun person and very supportive of causes in her community. Tracie has clearly put lots of thought into the quality of her product and its presentation. Tracie’s good humour is woven into her product descriptions and she has been a true pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her products without any hesitation.

Debbie Kovalcik – CIBC (Oakville)

amazing set up
amazing variety
well packaged

Judith Sawczuk (Toronto)

I met Tracie and her teas at The Tea Festival in Toronto. One sip of her delicious teas and it is goodbye to regular brews. The wide variety of flavours, special tea bags, beautiful packaging, and the best customer service, delivered to our door in a pretty bag with a gift tag!! Delivery was so efficient and timely. Looking forward to the next cup of Tracie’s tea!

Linda Chaplin (Midland)

I love the tea and feel really good about no plastic particles being present in the bags. It’s good to know that what you are putting in your body is all natural.

Heather Gagne (Burlington)

Tea with Tracie has wonderful luxury teas and Tracie, the owner, is a true professional. She is very friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt. Her products are delicious and her table settings and displays are gorgeous. Tracie’s excellent customer service will warm your heart and make your event a memorable one. Sincerely, Heather.

Laurel MacKay-Lee (Mississauga)

I sampled Tracie’s teas at the Positivi-TEA Talks on several occasions before finding “my tea” – Bliss Break. Now, it is a little treat just for me everyday. Love this tea so much.

JoAnna Bettencourt (Mississauga)

My teen daughter and I met Tracie at a craft show last fall. Her beautiful packaging for her tea and her bubbly personality drew us to her table. At first we thought – tea is tea – how different can it be? THEN WE TASTED HER BLISS BREAK!! It was INCREDIBLE! Smooth and the perfect amount of flavour. Just a hint of vanilla. We were blown away. For her birthday this year, her one request was – PLEASE get me more of our Bliss Break tea!! A pot of that makes all our worries and stresses melt away and we have had many fun chats and memories made around pots of Bliss Break tea. THANK YOU TRACIE! I highly encourage you all to try her tea! You will be amazed at how quality and care and the love that goes into making this tea makes a difference!

Gustavo S. (Oakville)

Excellent quality, great flavours, quick delivery.

Alex McGinness (Oakville)

OK, it’s as simple as this. Tracie’s tea is so good it should have a Nuclear sticker on it…that is how off the chart it is. If you’re a tea drinker you’ll taste it right away. Pure quality. My wife and I received it as a gift one Christmas and we became immediate fans. The first time we tried it was one of those “WOW!” experiences. So, be prepared to be wowed!

Heather B. (Burlington)

I recently met Tracie at a friend’s book signing party and had the opportunity to try her teas. I fell in love with Inner Glow and Beauty & Brains so I ordered some from her website. She delivered it right to my door a day or two later. What great service! Tracie is so knowledgeable about her products and tea in general. It was a pleasure speaking with a fellow tea lover. I will definitely buy more tea from Tracie in the future!

Lyne Desforges – C’est La Vie Wellness (Oakville)

Tracie has been an amazing partner for C’est La Vie Wellness providing her wonderful selection of teas to our clients. All her teas are delicious and beautifully presented. We are happy to serve it to all our patients and clients here at the clinic. We also had the opportunity to attend Tracie’s workshop on tea. It was very informative and gave us a whole new appreciation about tea in general.

Dianne Fenech (Burlington)

Tracie’s teas all have a remarkable flavour and your first sip is unforgettable…you experience the flavour like no other tea you would find at a local store…awesome! Yes I would recommend your fabulous tea to everyone! Congrats to you on becoming a Tea Sommelier…what an accomplishment you have achieved! I am enjoying your tea and will soon place another order..again congrats!

Sandy May (Burlington)

Tracie is the most welcoming and gracious Tea Hostess at her Tea events.The tea tables are elegantly set with good linens and fine china. Even Royal Doulton figurines adorn each table! The Afternoon tiered tray is overflowing with finger size daintys and delectables. She knows how to put on an exquisite Afternoon Tea and it shows, as no detail is over looked.

Linda Stein (Toronto)

Tracie provided us with a lovely High Tea experience! We made a wedding shower for my niece and all 42 of us ladies enjoyed the delicious treats and tasty tea provided by Tracie. We were also treated to a “tea talk” where we all learned about our drink of choice! I highly recommend Tea with Tracie!

Tea with Tracie
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Kristen Briggs
Kristen Briggs
Love this tea. Can’t decide which is my favourite. Service is top notch
Maria Aronis
Maria Aronis
I forget what tea was the samples but my God what a lovely cup of tea I will be placing an order once my stash is low... for sure!😋🍵read more
Gill Hamilton
Gill Hamilton
Love my Velvet Earl tea, can’t do without it anymore! Just got a big bag to keep me going longer. If you like earl... grey tea you’ll love this one.read more
Blair Wilkinson
Blair Wilkinson
Love Tracies teas especially the Green Tea!! Delivery is free and fast!!
JoAnna Bettencourt
JoAnna Bettencourt
A quality tea that is above and beyond. Truly - a hug in a mug. My daughter and I are totally addicted to Tracie's... tea!!! We have one big pot a day!!read more
Julie Elizabeth
Julie Elizabeth
I first purchased from Tracie at a market in the fall and subsequently have fallen in love with her teas. A day simply... would not be complete without a piping hot cup of Festive Eggnog, which has become my afternoon treat! I have since ordered twice; a total of 160 tea bags! Tracie's teas are delightful, you can order online and she'll deliver to your house for FREE (in the Burlington and Oakville areas) or ship. They arrive beautifully and thoughtfully packaged. Whether for yourself or a friend (it's a fabulous idea to send some tea to someone else during this trying time), her tea is sure to put a smile on your face. Tracie is an absolute gem of a human being and we are so lucky to have this caring lady as a part of the makers and artisans community in Oakville and Burlington. Please support local, support Canadian, support Tracie! 💜☕️read more
Laura Devonport
Laura Devonport
Fabulous tea and fabulous service by a fabulous lady 😀
Priya Ali Richards
Priya Ali Richards
Tracie’s products are high quality ingredients and more importantly love. Every cup brings me delight, and so does... Tracie!!read more
Irene Walker-Ciancio
Irene Walker-Ciancio
Delicious teas blended with care. Great gifts such pretty packaging
Glenda Dermott Turner
Glenda Dermott Turner
Have attended many events where Tea with Tracie provided her amazing teas to try and to enjoy! I have loved each and... every one of them! Thank you ❤️read more
Connor Grano
Connor Grano
Turned me into a tea lover. Always professional and very friendly!! 5 Stars
Natalie Gash
Natalie Gash
I worked with Tracie for a Breast Cancer fundraiser for Mother's Day at Seasons Retirement Community in Stoney Creek.... Tracie was fabulous. The beautiful tea cups and elegant place settings set the stage for a very special fundraiser event. Tracie was nothing but professional. She was prompt and organized with her team. She was knowledgeable and never got frazzled when it was busy. I would highly recommend Tea with Tracie for anyone looking to host a private or corporate function. She was extremely generous working with us for a great cause. We look forward to working with her in the years to come.read more
Daphne Carvalho McMenemy
Daphne Carvalho McMenemy
From start to finish, Tea with Tracie was phenomenal. From the communication and the customer service when we... contacted Tracie to the fine details and delivery of the event, everything was perfect. The tea was delicious and not to be outdone by the scones, sandwiches and desserts! The stunning tea cups and table decor surpassed our expectations. Would definitely host another event with Tea with Tracie!read more
Vanessa Woodburn
Vanessa Woodburn
I love Tracie’s Morning Hustle Tea! It is so smooth and a lovely blend. My teenagers also drink tea and it is now... their go-to Tea every morning as well.read more
Karen Savino
Karen Savino
Thank you Tea with Tracie! Early in March, Tracie helped to create a very special 60th wedding anniversary tea party... for my parents. The guests praised every aspect of the party from color co ordinated table themes with elegant tea cups, to delicious tea, delicate sandwiches and tasty scones. The guests of honour were elated and are grateful for the precious memories created. The community is still talking about the unique, posh celebration! The tea service was top notch from detailed planning through execution. Can't wait for another occasion to host a tea party!read more
Sarah Abaza
Sarah Abaza
Tracie did such a beautiful job! Everything was perfect. Her china/ tea cups are absolutely beautiful. The set up was... perfect and it was all delicious. Best scones iv had in toronto too. Tracie was also super professional, helpful and gracious. Punctual too and such a pleasant lady. I simply loved my tea party and would recommend tracie to anyone looking to host something special!read more
Brenda Jasmin
Brenda Jasmin
I contracted Tracie to help me create a high-end luxury holiday afternoon tea party for my business two months ago. It... was a full-service afternoon tea for forty women. From start to finish, Tracie did an exceptional job with helping me turn my vision into reality. Her attention to detail was outstanding, her gorgeous vintage tea place settings were a show stopper and everyone raved about the delicious sandwiches, scones and desserts that were served. Having a British background, I am very particular about the presentation and quality of afternoon tea service…in this case I didn't have to worry about a thing…Tracie thought of everything and truly wowed me and my guests. I was busy presenting a workshop to the women prior to the tea and I was able to relax and focus completely on my guests because Tracie managed everything else seamlessly. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and know that the owners of the venue where I had my event hired her on the spot for their own event when they saw what an incredible job she did. Thank you, Tracie, for creating a truly memorable afternoon tea experience for me and my guests!read more
Alice De Goeij
Alice De Goeij

tea with tracie


Tea with Tracie is a luxury tea company located in Oakville, Ontario. I am proudly Canadian and care deeply about the people and causes within my local community.





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