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3 Big Mistakes When Making Green Tea

1.  Use Boiling Water

Green tea (& white!) is way more delicate than black…so boiling your water actually scalds the leaves, resulting in a bitter taste. Instead, boil your water, and then let it cool for 2-3 minutes before pouring on your tea.

2.  Steep For Too Long

Green tea should only steep for 1-3 minutes before you remove the bag. When you steep it longer, you end up with a very bitter brew.

3.  Assault Your Tea Bag

Never strangle your tea bag with its own string…or smash it up against the side of the cup with your spoon. I know you’re trying to get every last drop of goodness, but all you’re really doing is releasing bitter tannins back into your cup…resulting in a very unpleasant taste.

Don’t think you like green tea? Try out these tips and let me know if you change your mind!!

My BEAUTY & BRAINS green tea is naturally flavoured with refreshing mint so it’s a wonderful transition tea because it has an herbal taste many of my customers love.

“It’s not easy being green” – Kermit the Frog

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